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Home of the KWPN registered homozygous bay stallion CHARMANT! Producing quality foals with exceptional temperaments for all disciplines. Our goal is to provide a source to those seeking show or breeding prospects, whether it be for harness or saddle, where these prospects will be presented with honesty and directness to our buyers.

What is a Dutch Harness Horse?
The KWPN Dutch Harness Horse is one of the three breeding directions of the Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook (KWPN). Warmblood breeding in the Netherlands is over a century old, during which period the breeding objective was constantly adapted. In the past there was a high demand for agricultural horses, but many farmers wanted to own a 'Sunday' horse as well so a more noble type of horse was produced. One that would move proudly and impressively in harness, with high carriage in front, which they could show off on their way to the market, the church or on family visits.

When warmblood breeding in general moved towards the conversion into modern riding horses a group of enthusiast breeders wanted to preserve this older type. A breeding program was developed, selection methods applied on both mares and stallions. Some hackney blood was added as well as Saddlebred blood to enhance hardiness and nobility. They are calm minded and willing to work and show. It's all about their explosive trot and their proud attitude!

The Dutch Harness Horse or "Tuigpaard" as they are sometimes called are now bred in many countries. They were first imported to the United States in 2000 with stallions first included in the American Saddlebred Breeders Guide in 2001. Since then, the breed has flourished in Canada and the United States, often being crossed to Saddlebreds, Arabians, Morgans, Andalusians, National Show Horses and Sport Horses. The breed is currently represented by the American Dutch Harness Horse Association (ADHHA).

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